What To Consider When Shopping For The Best Water Softener


Water softening involves the removal of dissolved minerals such as magnesium and calcium so as to enhance its usability. Softened water is medically considered healthier compared to hard water. It does not corrode the plumbing appliances or build up scum that causes blockage of sinks and tubs. Soft water is also economical because it cleans better and prevents wastage of soap.

Here are some of the factors to consider when shopping for the best water softener in the market.

Softening capacity

hdhdhd74Different water softeners have varying softening capacities. Softening capacity can be determined by comparing the water hardness before softening and the softness of the output water. This is usually done using a test kit and measured in grains per gallon. Water that has a rate of less than one grain per gallon is considered soft while water with a rating greater than seven is considered to be hard. The softening capacity can be determined by getting the difference of the rating between the input and the output water.

Running and maintenance costs

Just like any other equipment, water softeners require regular maintenance so as to keep them functional. Salt softeners will require you to purchase salt and also pay for power to run the cycle for regeneration. The water softeners that are salt-free usually require regular replacement of filters. All these maintenance and running costs should be considered before settling for the appropriate softener to buy. Investing in a water softening system is more worthwhile when these costs are not too high. One has to balance between the expenses and the durability of the water softener they purchase.

Quality of the components

Getting a water softener that has good quality components may cost little more than the normal value. However, it is a worthy investment because it will not only help in optimizing performance but also last longer. Quality components have low running costs and may not need regular replacement. A water softener with poor quality components will not only be wasteful but also costly because of the high cost of maintenance and regular replacement. A water softener that has a metered valve can help you regulate the flow rate depending on the varying water demands. It can also help you to program the water softening levels depending on the use.

Water flow rate

hdhdhd874Water softeners come in different sizes which determine their flow rate. A very large water softener may not be efficient because of backwash and salt wastage. On the other hand, a small water softener may not match the flow rate demands and therefore wear off parts that can be costly to replace. A water softener that has a flow rate that matches your house hold water demands can be efficient since there will be no wastage of water or unnecessary replacement of parts.

A good water softener is one that gives you value for your money. It should be able to serve its purpose for a long time without unnecessary running costs. Read this page about the best water softener available in the market so as to make an informed decision when you go shopping for one.