How to Get Rid of Pimples

The appearance of pimples is a normal condition of the skin. It mostly affects adolescents in their prime age. It is a simple condition that affects the oil grand beneath the skin. If a bacterial finds its way to the oil grand, it causes the oil to swell, and a pimple is derived. This condition is normal to many people and is not a real cause for alarm. It does not call for serious medical attention. A pimple is treated at home using herbs, perfumes and in extended cases, they use using prescribed medication. How can one get of pimples?

Use of Ice

Ice can be used to remove swelling and pimples in the skin. Ice should be used on pimples that occur on the face, the shoulders and the neck. Ice is naturally cold at 0 degrees. When ice is put on a pimple, the ice helps in blood circulation around the area. This is because when ice is put on the skin, it reduces the temperatures around that area. Blood will be pumped towards the skin around that area in an attempt to raise its temperature. This will also help in aerating the place around the place. The cold temperatures will also kill the bacteria around the place. When the bacteria is suppressed, the pimples will gradually reduce and die off.


yellow lemonsLemon is one of the home solutions to skin problem. Many people the lemon juice even without knowing its importance. Lemon juice contains strong contents of vitamin C. this vitamins are essential for the skin development. Vitamin C is the chemical compound in many skin medicines. It does not only removes the pimples but also restore the physical properties of the skin. Lemon juice should be used fresh from the lemon fruit. Don’t use processed lemon. It may have preservatives that are not good for the skin. Squeeze lemon juice directly into a cotton wool. Press down in the area affected by the pimples.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a perfect way of treating a pimple. It works in some ways. First, it fights bacteria in a pimple. Secondly, it reduces the inflammation on the skin, and thirdly it reduces the effects of prolonged scars in the body by activating a quick formatting of a new layer of the skin. Tea tree oil contains antibacterial elements that help one fight the bacteria causing the swelling of the oil grand resulting in a pimple. Be sure to leave the oil from twenty minutes to give the oil a chance to be absorbed deep in the oil grand.


blue toothpasteToothpaste use is clean one tooth in the morning also can treats pimples. The bacterial family the affects the skin are the same that affects the skin. The only difference is the antibacterial in the toothpaste act very slow on the pimples. It should then be applied at night. In the morning, wash your face. The pimples will be dried off. Use toothpaste for three consecutive days, and the pimple will disappear.