Home Remedies For Acid Reflux And Heartburn

The acid in the stomach moves upwards and causes heartburn which is a condition known as acid reflux. Due to the extreme changes in eating habits and eating disorders nowadays this condition is common. Many natural home remedies have proven to work with no or minimal side effects though there is some over the counter antacids you can easily get. Home remedies are the best option to prevent heartburn symptoms and acid reflux as the give immediate relief, and they are readily available. They include;

Baking Soda, Lemon Juice And Water

It is the most used home remedy for acid reflux and heartburns that have success for relieving acid reflux. Put two tablespoons in a glass mix it with a half glass of water and add lemon juice that has been squeezed from a lemon. The fizzing effect of this solution overflows from the glass, so it is advisable to perform this procedure on the sink. The fizz and the water are the ingredients that relieve the heartburn so drink it as quick as possible. If you suffer from hypertension, do not overuse this remedy as it produces sodium. It could be safe for you to take a few Tums.

Raw Potato Juice

Wash the potato and juice them without peeling and add an equal amount of water. Potato juice has been used since the ancient time to provide the stomach with more alkaline. In the early times, the potato was put to stand in drinking water for several hours before taking it, before the advent of juicers. You will benefit from this home remedy of juiced potato for heartburn.

Cabbage And Celery Juice

Cabbage and celery are both alkaline in nature. You are required to have a juicer to make this juice. You will be amazed on how this will make you feel good if you drink it when it is fresh.


Papaya Juice And Papaya

Papaya helps aid in the digestion of protein and has soothing effects on the stomach as it contains papain. Include a fresh papaya in your meals. Papaya is also loaded with useful minerals and vitamins. Juice and drink them as an afternoon treat juice. You can take papaya enzyme in chew able tablets. It is also alkaline in nature.

Ginger Root

Fresh ginger has been used in digestion aid for centuries. Ginger can absorb the acid and has a benefit of nerve calming. You may take ginger in a capsule form after a meal or eat it while it is raw.